1. Feeling compelled to get a little Courtney Love on a plant and chair right now.

    (photo: Amy Danzer)


  2. aprila311:

    5100 block of grace

    (Source: angryaprila)


  3. "We are all installation artists."

    photo: @oneclappinghand


  4. In The Shadow Of A Dibs - The city finally announced that it will be collecting dibs this week so if you want to keep that junk better put it back in the garage.

    photo: @cd_diers


  5. The best dib ever found in Chinatown!

    (photo: Debbie Koller)


  6. Pilsen by woods

    look closely. no, closer. there you go.

    (photo by diana)


  7. Photo by BP


  8. "Double-wide gated parking lot with garage, yet feels the need to #dibsthe entire street in front of their three-lot property."

    (photo: @jennifrrr)


  9. The struggle continues

    photo: coultjam

    Word on the streets and in the news, “Dibs” is over. Chicago’s Streets and Sanitation department will be collecting any parking space savers left over by Chicagoans as of yesterday.

    But you can still submit any Dibs Pics you’ve got to our Chicago Dibs Tumblr right here.

    Or email Chicago Dibs at gee mail dot com and we’ll post it for you.

    It’s been a rough winter for sure, but we like to hope people who’ve come to the Chicago Dibs Tumblr site have had a chance to commiserate and have a few laughs as we try to make it through the cold and snow together.

    Now go ahead and get that Green Day “Time of Your Life” song stuck in your head while you and browse the Chicago Dibs archives and look back on this crazy winter.

    Thanks again to everyone who’s submitted their photos or let us submit them for you!